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CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

Real case of total cutting solution ・ 15 août 2022 lire plus Open In New icon

We incorporate a fume extraction table and eco-friendly dust collectors into our own product line that provides customer with “Total Cutting Solution” This one-stop service has continuously accounted for 40%~50% of sales in 2019~2020. “Better working environment” has become a new trend pursued by owners.

Big Sales- Cutting machine + Kjellberg plasma

Big Sales- Cutting machine + Kjellberg plasma

Participation à un événement ・ 23 juin 2022 lire plus Open In New icon

The leading brand in the European market - Kjellberg is a century-old German company and the world's leading designer and manufacturer of plasma power source. After several quarters of testing, ProArc has overcome technical difficulties and challenges of working environment and provides the best configuration of CNC cutting system with Kjellberg Smart Focus SF300 and SF400.

Weaving oscillator

Weaving oscillator

Lancement de produit ・ 16 mai 2021 lire plus Open In New icon

The ProArc WO-15 oscillator is perfect for automated arc manipulation by use of mechanical arc oscillation. It's suitable for MIG/MAG automate processes in heavy fabrication industries. There are four adjustable parameters (oscillation width, oscillation speed, oscillation dwell time on both ends) which controlled by simple control panel. ProArc WO-15 oscillator can work as stand-alone device or be a part of more advanced welding system.

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No. 8 Gungye 2nd Road, Pingjen Industrial Park, Pingjen District,

324403 Taoyuan City - Taïwan

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