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LALIETTE, undoubtedly, an excellent choice... We employ many people within 3 continents. We export to over 50 countries. We speak 9 different languages. We operate in 17 different offices. We produce around 100 million kilograms every year. We love people... It is easy to say "Our customers only care about price and there is no point in developing a premium brand". Our idea and approach is different. We know that you: our consumer, are no longer satisfied with the cheapest; you want the “and” in everything. For us to fulfill this ever increasing need - we frantically worked upon smaller details to bring out a brand that would instantly connect with you.

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    Fabricant/ Producteur

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  • Pâtes alimentaires
  • Boissons gazeuses
  • Huiles végétales
  • laits concentrés sucrés
  • Jus en Poudre Instantané
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