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Wire Forms & Metal Springs - Custom Wire Formed Brackets,Clips,Hooks,Metal Springs & Various Shapes Wireforms

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Ming Xiao Mfg outsourcing steel wire forms by carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, spring steel wire, we can custom fabricate almost any wire form using our automated wire bending robots. Beyond getting the shape you need, you can also order custom wire forms in a various of materials, such as stainless or galvanized steel, with a variety of coating options, including soft polymers and scratch-resistant hard polymers. We custom producing all kinds of steel wire forms, includes steel wire brackets,steel wire hooks, steel wire baskets, spring bracket, steel wire cover, steel wire lampshade for lighting, steel wire clip, spring steel wire formed shield, wire forms, steel wire hooks, steel wire suspend slings, and all steel wire parts. Our steel wire forming products mainly use in Animal stock breeding, Garden & constructions, Automobile,Machinery… Most steel wire forming parts need open molds or tooling, the tooling fee should paid in advance, we can provide sa