Présentation Modular system for large blowers for process air applications 1. Horizontal or vertical conveying direction 2. Volume flow gradation via modular system 3. 2-lobe and 3-lobe rotor design available INDIVIDUALITY AS MODULAR SYSTEM. FOR STAGES AND ASSEMBLIES. The key to the most efficient large blowers made by AERZEN is: It is always the right size. This means that AERZEN provides you with the right blower size for each individual application. Thanks to the Alpha Blower as new modular system, for the first time, you have the choice between 26 different types. Perfect for a safe and highly efficient operation of your process air applications. TOP PERFORMANCE WITH HIGH VOLUME FLOWS. RELIABILITY IN ITS HIGHEST FORM. The Alpha Blower represents robustness, combined with maximum precision and ultimate safety. This blower has been optimised in terms of flow design and processes. The well-known features have been further improved without neglecting the proven system. Finely...

Caractéristiques du produit

Type de construction Surpresseurs à pistons rotatifs
Débit 9.600 à 77.000 m 3/h
Fluide à véhiculer air , gaz neutres
Transport exempt d'huile.
Opération aspiration Pression effective max. -800 mbar
Opération pression Pression effective max. 1.000 mbar

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