The reliable compact tiebarless small machine in c-frame design for small batch production and corner vulcanisation Dur proven and compact solutions in the C-frame design are perfectly equipped for production of special rubber items with maximum access around the working area. With our newly developed injection unit, TPE can be processed with the precision that you are already accustomed to with Maplan Machines. The optimised operating height of this series completes this intelligent one-piece design. C-frame sizes from 20 to 100 tons clamping force.

Moulage du caoutchouc - machines

Caractéristiques du produit

Types Maplan  MTTF 20C
Clamping force [kN] 200
Injection volume [cm³] 50-200
Heating plate dimensions Standard [mm] 300 x 300
Types Maplan  MTTF 30C
Clamping force [kN] 300
Injection volume [cm³] 50-200
Heating plate dimensions Standard [mm] 300 x 400
Types Maplan  MTTF 40C
Clamping force [kN] 400
Injection volume [cm³] 100-250
Heating plate dimensions Standard [mm] 400 x 500
Types Maplan  MTTF 50C
Clamping force [kN] 500
Injection volume [cm³] 100-400
Heating plate dimensions Standard [mm] 500 x 600


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