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Description du produit Magtrol’s TORQUE 10 Software is an easy to use Windows® executable program, used to automatically collect torque, speed, mechanical power and angle data from Magtrol TS Series Torque Sensors or Magtrol TM Series Torque Sensors by using Model 3411 Torque Display. The data can be printed, displayed graphically or quickly saved/exported as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.Caractéristique New graphical user interface has user friendly tabbed pages and menus for quick navigation Multi Language support (English, German, French) TS Series In Line Torque Sensors support via USB 3411 Torque Transducer Display support via USB and LAN 3410 Torque Transducer Display support via RS 232 Measured Parameter vs. Time Adjustable Sampling Rates Multi Axes Graphing Optional USB Device support for reading thermocouples Angle parameter available with TS Series and 3411

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  • Logiciel Torque
  • Torque Software
  • Graphical User
  • Torque Sensors
  • Transducer Display
  • Multiaxes Graphing
  • Ts Series
  • thermocouples

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