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  • Echantillonnage et Prise d'Echantillons

Echantillonnage et Prise d'Echantillons

TEMA Equipements SAS- Echantillonnage et Prise d Echantillons-12


HAMMER SAMPLERS : The hammer sampler is implemented for sampling materials from belt conveyors. The sampler’s removal principle resembles that of the sampling frame, serving as a reference sample from the stopped belt. SAMPLER FOR VERTICAL DOWNPIPES AND AIR SLIDE CONVEYOR SYSTEM : A variety of sampler takers is available for representative sampling of bulk materials or suspensions from vertical, depressurised downpipes depending on the particular installation situation concerned. SAMPLE COLLECTORS : samples be collected only at protracted time intervals, we offer the possibility of keeping them in so-called sample collectors of the most varying sizes until they are collected. Centrifugeuses / Cribles&Jigs / Broyeur&MatérielLabo. / Echantillonnage / Tôles Conidur / Grille&TapisTranspMétalliques

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