Bouteilles en matériau recyclé

Bouteilles en recyclat


The Lindner Companies stand for innovative plastic packaging that is processed by extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding. We offer long-standing experience and a broad product range that extends from trigger sprayers, fine mist sprayer pumps, dispenser pumps and pressure sprayers to closures. In our printery we are embellishing plastic bottles and other plastic components using the screen and pad printing processes. With the help of our quality management systems, modern machinery, the use of recyclates, the permanent search for and the analysis of the efficient ways and means we ensure that the available resources are responsibly and sustainably utilized as well as spared wherever and whenever possible. Thus, we are laying the foundation for environmetally sustainable business development of our companies.

Bouteilles et bocaux en matière plastique
  • Bidons en matière plastique recyclat
  • recyclage de bouteilles en pet
  • BOUTEILLES en recyclat

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