Sensor enabling primary element corrosion inspection. Only available for North America Prowirl C 200 is a product line of carbon steel vortex meters dedicated to the Canadian and American market. The carbon steel sensor offers higher resistance to inter-granular stress corrosion cracking, especially in steam systems for SAGD applications. Prowirl C 200 is only available with cCSAus hazardous area approvals. It is NOT available with CE mark, AD2000 or PED. It is available as compact or remote device version. Avantages Compliance to AER – enables customer to fulfill inspection requirements Higher process control – unique inspection concept allows visual assessment of primary element High process safety - resistant to intergranular stress corrosion cracking Convenient device wiring – separate connection compartment Safe operation – no need to open the device due to display with touch control, background lighting Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology™ Domaine d'applicatio

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