We have created a range of 4 different vodkas: • The white bottle turns blue in the ice with a thermochromic coating. In the mouth, this alcohol, yet very strong, is sweet and pleasant, and appreciated by people who do not like strong alcohol. • The peach vodka is packaged in a white thermo chromic bottle that turns pink in the ice. In the mouth, we get the same sweetness with a subtle aroma of peach, very refreshing. • The most balanced of the 4, remains the red bottle, single color. On the palate, its character is more pronounced and brings balance and power. • The black bottle remains the most powerful vodka in the mouth with a strong character. They are made with 100% wheat and with pure spring water extracted from the basement more than 700 deep and distilled 6 times, which testifies to the undeniable quality of our vodkas. Vodka Templar is 1 liter of pure wonder! The Vodka Templar was born 14 months ago and has already obtained: • the 2017 gold medal in London • 2017 CWSA Hong Ko

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