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VNESHTORG-RUS LLC - Import and export agricultural products and food from Russia


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Recent conditions for chickpea export (harvest 2021) for EU

Recent conditions for chickpea export (harvest 2021) for EU

New markets and conditions for cooperati ・ 31 août 2021

Vneshtorg-Rus LLC has expanded the geography of its activities in 2021 and became an adept exporting chickpeas and other agricultural crops to Germany and other EU countries with competitive conditions. Vneshtorg-Rus LLC is a company that successfully operates in the agricultural sphere all around the world. Our company provides services for the export of quality chickpeas 6+, grain and oilseeds from the port of Novorossiysk, Russia. We can offer the export of varied agricultural crops on terms of: FCA, FOB CPT, DDP in bulk, with packing bags (big bags). Humidity up to 13%. All permits are available. Please check the unique terms of cooperation (valid until November 1, 2021). To receive the calculation and detailed information, please send an application to WhatsApp +79265347362.

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Belorechenskaya st, 34-2

109469 Moscow - Russie

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