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Sk-01 Strain Guage Force Transducer

Systèmes de charge-force-poids


Description du produit The Magtrol SK 01 Force Transducer, based on strain gauge technology, is ideal for the control of ropes, brake clamps and similar devices. It measures the clamping force, independent of the clamp, on the longitudinal axis of the transducer.Applications The SK 01 is available in two different ranges. One for ropes of a diameter 28 to 47 mm for forces up to 300 kN and the second of a diameter 48 to 92 mm for forces up to 400 kN. When connected to a SKG 01 Digital Amplifier, the SK 01 is ideally suited for measuring the clamping force on lifts, ski lifts and similar applications.

Contrôle d'accès - installations et matériel
  • Sk-01 Strain
  • Strain Guage
  • Guage Force
  • Force Transducer
  • Transducer
  • Magtrol Sk-01
  • Gauge Technology
  • Brake Clamps

Caractéristiques du produit

Nominal force 300 kN and 400 kN (other nominal force available on request)
Accuracy class 3%
Protection class IP 66

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