LINE PV2000 Plus de détails This series include machine suitable to grind balls up to 1600 mm, up to 1800 mm, 2200 mm and the biggest can reach 2500 mm (64”) balls. This series have a big protection structure in stainless steel to protect operators and to contains the working fluids. A Renishaw probe and the customized software Saporiti allow the operator the easy centering between tool and ball by the micro movement of the Y axis. Main features of these machines are the rigid structure, the relevant roller guideways used on the axis, the grinding wheel inclination. Only one wheel can be used for different diameters. High accuracy in roundness and surface finishing can be obtained by these grinders. The same machine and grinding too can be used for standard steel balls and for balls hard coated by any material (as satellite, ceramics CBN)

Rectification - machines-outils
  • rectifieuses de spheres
  • rectifieurs cnc
  • rectifieuses speciales

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