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With thousands of DNA vectors designed and constructed, Delphi Genetics is a Partner of choice to generate your plasmid of interest. Size does not matter, that's the strategy of cloning that drives the success of a plasmid construction. We perform the construction of your vector from strategy design to final plasmid production. We work with standard plasmid DNA as well as with large constructs, such as BAC and Cosmid. Our plasmid DNA construction service includes: Sequences analysis Design and strategy Gene Synthesis Cloning of PCR fragment DNA fragment assembling Site directed mutagenesis DNA sequencing Plasmid productionA new hope for Covid-19 treatment Delphi Genetics more than triples its production capacity and receives GMP certification. New Plasmid DNA production capacities now immediately available. Delphi to attend Phacilitate Leaders World in Miami, Jan 21-24 Delphi Genetics significantly expands its capacities for cGMP plasmid DNA GMP Certification for Plasmid DNA