Damask rose oil (100% Rosa damascena) : 5 ml. Damask rose oil, precious and pure in a glass bottle amber equipped with a dropper and a label with number of batch corresponding to the certificate. Origin : Bulgaria, guaranty with a certificate. Extraction Process : The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. Common named : Rose otto Description of fragrance : Fragrance higher. Deep rich sweet floral fragrance. Skin Care : Use approximately 8 drops of essential rose oil for every 10 ml of carrier oil and apply directly onto skin. You can mix with almond oil for example to use it directly on skin. Please read below safety consideration before using. Mature skin, sensitive, wrinkled (prevent wrinkles). Provides a feeling of well-being and happiness when used in massage. Great to use while working for massaging the lower back. Wonderful when mixed with seed oil of cynorrhodon and Peach used as basic agents. We love or hate the Rose oil, but the effect...

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