Different models with different sizes do exist, please visit our website. Max. carpet width is 220cm. Its weight is 650kg.Its height is 150cm.Its length is 190cm. Its width is 270cm. It has PLC control. After having been washed and dried the carpet is put into this machine in order to clean the surface of the carpet from hair and wool. The carpet is put into machine, firstly the carpet is sent to the pool which is set at the back part of the machine. When the edge of the carpet is under the brush, photocell becomes on and band stops. The brushes are lowered and pressure on the carpet. The vacuum pumping begins to work and a few seconds later brushes began to work. when you press the pedal again the carpet moves on the band forward. Meanwhile floss and hair are absorbed and sent to the filter. Also the carpet is fluffed by the brush which works 200 cyclic/min.

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